Private Coaching

By choosing to work privately with me you begin a sacred journey to reclaim your
unique essence and discover how you want to express it.

I hold a transformational container for you, which includes my guidance and support,
leading edge coaching processes and, most importantly, the time you need to clarify
your deep desires and heal old energy imprints that no longer serve you.

Now look forward. Into the unknown future. All the uncertainty. No guarantees.

Imagine this….you are standing in a doorway. You have a choice. Turn around and look back
over the life you’ve lived. Your triumphs. Your failures and mistakes. Your loves. Your losses.
All the things you’ve become comfortable with.

Before you decide, it would be wise to evaluate. Working collaboratively with a coach, you
step out of familiar grooves and view your life from a new perspective.

Will you feel? Will you listen? Will you risk?

Feel the deep longing within. The yearning of your soul. The ache in your heart.

Book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call to be heard without judgment, as you decide whether to step into the unknown with my support and guidance.

Is it your time to shed old skins, heal old wounds and integrate life lessons so that you can step more fully, more visibly, more freely, more deeply, more lightly into the future you want to claim for yourself?

All of this can happen with grace and ease. What I do differently from many coaches is place your journey in the context of spiritual development. As you learn to rest in the state of timeless, spacious awareness, obstacles appearing as intractable shift and transform. As you gain deeper understanding of the patterns you are resolving in this life and how those inform your life purpose and gifts, your next steps become clear.

I will encourage you to be honest with yourself, to access your deepest longings, to decide on the legacy you want to leave and any changes you need to make. If you are in a life transition, I will support you through it, keeping you attuned to subtle messages, which are often the most reliable indicators of steps to be taken.

The coaching container supports your movement forward, step by step, while removing obstacles that are in the way. The most challenging obstacles are the hidden ones, which lie deep in your psyche, including out of date beliefs and points of view, relational patterns and emotional triggers. These may be akin to invisible boulders. You need someone else to see them and help push them out of the way. 

There is a third state, between chaos and order, which is a beautiful state of possibility and potential. A container is necessary to access this creative place. The classic example is the chrysalis the caterpillar enters and subsequently emerges as a butterfly. 

Make no mistake. The reason anyone stays in the doorway is the difficulty of the choice. If it’s one you can’t make, you need to know this.

Do you cling to what is safe or do you step into the chaos of the unknown?

Back to the proverbial doorway. Do you stand still, apparently protected, to live out your life doing the same old things? Or do you honour the journey your soul wants to take while you are still breathing? This either/or choice amounts to this:

“I feel deep gratitude for your honesty and one of my first thoughts when I saw your video was ‘I want this woman to be my coach until the end of my life.’ Your presence together with your skills and gifts are congruent with my growth as a human and as a woman.” 

- Jelena

“Oh my God Cathy - I love the insight that you just gave me about working with…….That is brilliant!  And that is why you are such a great coach!  You can envision things that others cannot see for themselves.”

- Chris

“Wow. I was ‘leading like a man’ and terrified to lead with my feminine qualities for fear of being discounted or abused. In the process of working with you, I also healed my relationship history and met someone new! Thank you.”

- Christy

“The gentle elegance of your wisdom and presence have been wonderful gifts.”

- Leila

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am so happy to be giving myself permission to be honouring my artistic ‘hobbies’ and honing them into an offering, rather than telling myself ‘I’m not talented enough’, ‘no one will be interested’ or ‘there are more important things for me to do’.”

- Jane

Kind Words

Book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call to experience my support.

Catherine Rowan

"Know what sparks the light in you so that you, can illuminate the world."



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