Live Your Unique Design

• Discover the path to creating an authentic life, aligned with your unique gifts.
• Shift from feeling lost or stuck to find satisfaction, success and inner peace.
• Improve relationships through a deeper understanding of your points of connection and places of difference.
• Understand how your life challenges initiate your growth.
• Heal a broken heart and reconnect to love and beauty.

We live in a world where so many people (perhaps most) compromise who they are in order to feel acceptance and belonging, rather than risk being true to themselves.

Even if this does not apply to you, there may have been times when you have felt lost or felt you have lost yourself.

Understanding your unique energetic blueprint can help you find your path or your way back to a feeling of alignment.

Life holds many challenges. Finding your way through them is easier when you have a map. Your Human Design chart can be considered your personal map.

If you live with a partner and/or have children understanding their personal maps can be enormously helpful to navigating the relationships in a productive way for both people.

I have specialist training and experience in reading relationship charts.

If you share my ideals for working towards a world where there is less division and more appreciation of the uniqueness of each Being, then you will love the insights Human Design can open for you.

Yes, you’ve been conditioned, as has every person in differing ways. This conditioning has created distortions in your expression. These distortions remain until there is consciousness and effort to transform them.

A lifetime of dedication to the path of personal transformation has given me the skill, experience, and qualifications to guide you in discovering your own path to freedom.

It would be my privilege and pleasure to help you understand and live your unique design, releasing any obstacles that stand in your way.
Please find further information on booking a reading below.

Have you ever wondered about your soul's intention for this lifetime?

On the booking page you will be asked what your focus is for the reading.

1) General. Please let me know what life questions you hope to answer. We will explore your Human Design type, profile, decision making authority, incarnation cross, nodes and other aspects relevant to your questions.

2) Relationship. For those who already understand the basics of their design and want to take a look at a composite chart with another. This can help with questions about a current relationship or give further insight into one that has broken down. Heal your broken heart!

3) Personal Branding. Learn your brand energetics, key message, desk work and ideal business structure plus the soul purpose that drives your outer presentation.

£222 includes my time in contemplating your chart and preparing the reading, 90 minute session plus recording sent to you after with a report to complement your chart. 

These readings incorporate the Gene Keys interpretation of your gates, an approach to Human Design that I resonate with.

Depending upon your questions, I may also look at your astrology chart.

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Much can be learned via approaching our relationships as mirrors. But it is necessary to learn what type of mirror is operating. In both Human Design and astrology the individual charts of each person create a relationship chart, which is different from the individual charts and different for each relationship you have.

Through these charts the purpose and potential of a relationship can be explored. Comfort can be found for broken hearts, resolution of dilemmas and new routes through seemingly intractable issues.

It is important to learn about your own chart in order to properly understand a relationship reading.

If you are new to Human Design, please book a Personal Reading first. A Relationship Reading will be a subsequent consultation.

If you understand your own chart in terms of your type, strategy and authority, we can progress straight to a Relationship Reading.

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