Walk the Path of the Empress!
Conscious Leadership. Self Mastery.
Inner Peace. Authentic Expression.

It's a big claim so you may be asking how do I do this and how can I? Or you may simply be wondering how and why this approach leads to the sustainable results and the impact you are interested in!

Einstein has been credited with commenting, 'No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.' 

This is so evident when we consider the issues that continue to limit women. Equal Opportunities within patriarchy is not the same as equal value of both masculine and feminine principles. (To learn more consider purchasing my Feminine Wisdom for Women's Success E-course for £47.)

Choosing to work with me is an initiatory journey through the Feminine mysteries of beauty, power, healing, wisdom and grace, always with regard to your unique Divine Feminine design (according to your Human Design and astrology charts).

I offer you a map and route to authentic living, self mastery and leadership with integrity. It's so important at this time to break unhealthy patterns of co-dependency. This is why I'm currently using the term Path of the Empress. It's a path of sovereignty - not over others but, over your inner world, which is the driving force for your life.

A clearer understanding of your true gifts and role in the world helps you to manage your energy effectively and take a creative approach to adjustments to your work and business necessitated by rapid change.

While clients usually come to me with work/life/leadership direction questions, they are rarely isolated from family/partnership concerns. I claim a bit of a superpower when it comes to spotting and healing relational patterns that no longer work for you.

I work holistically and eclectically, combining professional certifications, years of coaching/mentoring experience plus deep spiritual understanding and realisation.

My adult life has been devoted to personal and spiritual development. I have several decades of professional experience as a guide, facilitator and coach. Add to this decades of exploring and practicing spiritual traditions. Plus, I keep myself up to date and have more recent qualification in energetic coaching tools and methods including Awakening Coaching, Human Design and Colour Analysis.

If you feel ready to explore a mentoring relationship to ignite the restorative flame of your feminine, receptive and creative nature, I invite you to book a free of charge exploratory call. 

The exploratory call allows both of us to assess how I can help and whether a mentoring/coaching relationship is the right next step.

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I live in the UK and work with clients internationally using Zoom.

Please scroll down to access pages with more specific details of my coaching and mentoring options. 

If you arrived on this website wanting to learn more about colour palettes/style services, these can be included in private mentoring and are also available as a standalone service. The focus of these services is understanding your unique essence and dressing in accord. Learn to dress in a way that supports your message, your gifts and enhances authority when you need to. Similarly learn your best colours for romance, intimacy, negotiation, impact and celebration!

Hello, I'm Catherine. I help women transform their internal operating system from the patriarchal values and beliefs they are conditioned by to the more life and love enhancing Divine Feminine, in the process reframing power, healing wounds and resolving mental and emotional reactive patterns that limit their potential in leadership, life and love. 




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