The work that feeds your soul enables you to offer, and be valued for, your unique gifts. 

I’ve always had a passion for working with people who seek meaning, purpose and value in their careers and relationships. This began early in my career, in the late 80’s, working with KMPG in London as a management consultant, first in Executive Selection and then in Career Consulting/Outplacement,

I have since spent many years exploring transformation and self mastery more deeply through personal development modalities and spiritual pathways.

Today, I combine years of professional experience, spiritual wisdom and non tradition specific coaching tools from the modern approaches of Awakening Coaching, Tribal Marketing., Human Design and Colour Psychology

The work I do is transformational with the intention of supporting each client to find clarity, resolution and fulfilment through their life's work and relationships.

I was successful in my early career. But, I burned out. A personal development journey followed, including psychotherapy, yoga and energy studies. I began to understand the reason I burned out was due to working in a way that did not align with my energetic design.; I found balance through yoga and chi kung, which were the platforms for deeper exploration of Taoist and Tantric traditions that honour the differing, though equal, expressions of masculine and feminine. 

Seeking a female teacher and teaching without patriarchal bias, through a series of synchronicities, I came across the teacher I resonated with. (When the student is ready, the teacher appears) Since 2007, I have been an ongoing student of a non dual stream of Feminine wisdom called Sri Vidya, which informs my teachings on power, beauty, abundance and right relationship between masculine and feminine.

By bringing to the world a diverse and full range of Feminine expression, which to date has been lacking, we heal ourselves, our relationships and our planet.

Relationships provided the raw material for much of my personal and spiritual development. In the process I've gained a refined understanding of relational patterns, which can either bond or bind.

Our lives are woven through relationship. Work on relational issues that impact your full expression is very much a part of my coaching/mentoring services. 

I've been married, divorced, been a single mother and cared for elderly parents before their deaths so have experience of many common relational challenges. 

You must ask what patterns drew you and the other together. You don’t cut ties simply by cutting contact. You must cut ties to the pattern to evolve.

I work with each client from my embodiment of all I've learned over decades of seeking, study, practice and realisation. For coaching services I work with non tradition specific transformational processes.

My basic astrological and Human Design details are:
Pisces sun, Virgo rising and Capricorn moon.
In Human Design I am a 1/3 Splenic Projector and my incarnation cross is a Right Angle Cross of Rulership. The so called 'Queen Gate/45 is in the Life Purpose position of my chart.

My life journey, and all I write about on this website, aligns with my unique design. Through our work together, I will support you to discover and live in accordance with the gifts of YOUR unique design.

“I feel deep gratitude for your honesty and one of my first thoughts when I saw your video was ‘I want this woman to be my coach until the end of my life.’ Your presence together with your skills and gifts are congruent with my growth as a human and as a woman.” 

- Jelena

“Oh my God Cathy - I love the insight that you just gave me about working with…….That is brilliant!  And that is why you are such a great coach!  You can envision things that others cannot see for themselves.”

- Chris

“Wow. I was ‘leading like a man’ and terrified to lead with my feminine qualities for fear of being discounted or abused. In the process of working with you, I also healed my relationship history and met someone new! Thank you.”

- Christy

“The gentle elegance of your wisdom and presence have been wonderful gifts.”

- Leila

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am so happy to be giving myself permission to be honouring my artistic ‘hobbies’ and honing them into an offering, rather than telling myself ‘I’m not talented enough’, ‘no one will be interested’ or ‘there are more important things for me to do’.”

- Jane

Kind Words


  • Certified Awakening Coach
  • Certified Deeper Love Coach
  • Certified Tribal Marketing Coach
  • Certified Colorist (Suzanne Caygill lineage)
  • Certified Qigong and Meditation Teacher
  • Diploma in the Inner Craft of Leadership
  • BA Geography
  • Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (Past. I no longer pay the annual fee.)
  • Graduate of Life Purpose Mastery (Human Design/Gene Keys) and certified to read composite/relationship charts