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Feminine Wisdom for Women's Success 

Professionally recorded E-Course - seven videos including a beautiful meditation to connect directly to the qualities of Divine Feminine wisdom.

Having been on my own journey of Feminine embodiment for many years, I believe it’s part of my life’s purpose to seek out the deepest teachings and share the paradigm of right relationship between masculine and feminine, which is challenging to the patriarchal mindset yet feels so right to the heart.

In particular, this framework for power and success is very healing for women but, also for men who yearn for a new model where masculine and feminine are honoured equally.

There are seven video lessons plus accompanying PDF notes/worksheets:

Introduction to Feminine Wisdom
The Feminine Success Formula - Part A and Part B
The Feminine Wound - Part A and Part B
The Feminine as Power - Part A and Part B

Patriarchal cultures distort and invalidate the Feminine in both men and women. It's time to restore the ancient understanding of the Feminine as the creative power of the Cosmos! 

£47 - Buy Now

£47 - Buy Now

The Wise Woman Salon  

A monthly community gathering for women of all ages who are cultivating their inner wise woman.

The group was formed three years ago to address the cultural narratives on ageing, beauty and visibility for women.

Current members include coaches, therapists, healers, authors, artists and astrologers. 

You can retire from a job but you don't retire from purpose driven activities. There once was a time when Wise Women were revered for their sacred skills and life experience.
If you would appreciate being a member of a supportive group of emotionally and spiritually intelligent women, you would be most welcome to attend.

Please join the mailing list to be informed of meeting topics and to receive Zoom links for events.

At the current time our monthly gathering is on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm GMT (London). Current members are from the UK, France, Germany, the US and Canada. 

Receive your free personal energy blueprint aka Human Design Chart!

Queen of Hearts - 4 Month  Journey

Master your relationship patterns to become a Queen of Hearts!
1) Align with your energetic blueprint and learn the divine path for your life
1.) De-activate reactive patterns and discover inner peace
2) Slay relationship dragons (entanglements, unhealthy attachments, past wounds) and access deeper love! 
3) Create synergy in existing relationships - partners, children and wider family/friendships
4) Rule red flags and attract the love you deserve (if single)

You can do this work with me privately via Path of the Empress coaching. I'm also offering this work to women who would appreciate the benefits of working in a small, intimate group. Please book a call to register interest.

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Styling Strategies - 3 Month Group Programme

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Strategic secrets for dressing your unique interpretation of the Divine Feminine Queen/Empress archetype.

Please note this process is so much more sophisticated and nuanced than most currently  available services that 'do your colours/colors.'

Based on the pioneering work of Suzanne Caygill who observed 'Mother Nature does not make mistakes', my colleague Martha Langer and I determine and support exploration of your unique essence and style.

While clothing, colour and style may be seen as a frivolous investment by some, we argue it is essential for modern women leaders and conscious entrepreneurs.

Match your presentation with your message. Understand the psychology of colour to dress with intention. Never again have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!

To work privately with me to recieve your bespoke Essence Palette and transform your closet, please find further info on the Essence Palettes page.