Do you worry about not getting your message across effectively?

Do you sometimes feel unseen or unheard?

Do you believe you 'never get it right' with colours and clothes?

I hear you! I've been there! 

Learn the secrets many personal branding or visibility processes do not include. Before you create marketing materials or stand on stages, it makes sense to consider the alignment between your presentation and your message! 

Colour and style work is often positioned in the fashion domain. But, I see this work differently. As I see it leadership requires 1) others to recognise your authority in your area of work 2) your presentation to be congruent with your message. 

Book an exploratory call so we can discuss how knowing your personal colour psychology and sacred geometry can make a massive difference to your personal authority, integrity and branding (if relevant.)

  • Never again feel you have nothing to wear or that your clothes do not communicate the personal authority required to be successful

  • Know the colours and styles of clothes, which are right for your figure, your skin tone, eye and hair colours.

  • Choose clothes easily, with the help of a unique colour palette created especially for you.

  • Understand the psychology of those colours so you choose the correct outfits for different business and personal situations.

  • Know how to accessorise clothes effectively with scarves/ties, belts, shoes, jewellery and bags. 

  • Experience the healing power of colour and its impact on others.

  • Discover the beneficial impact on your creativity.

  • Most importantly, through understanding your unique colour vibration, come to a clearer understanding of your gifts and message. Align your brand with this deep and powerful knowledge!

Embody Your Message and Express Your Essence

“If we can become aware that Nature had provided us with a set of cues, and if we can
become capable of picking them up, it will be found easier to work with them than against
them. If we can appropriate Nature’s color and design, there is no need for the terrific
compulsion to search for self, when everything you need is already within.”

Suzanne Caygill

Palette colours can be transformed to pantone numbers for marketing materials and websites.

Your colour palette is created using a specialist Colour Profiling system,
consisting of approximately 3500 different shades. You receive a fabric palette plus a report
explaining your palette, styles and brand psychology.

If you decide to engage fully in this journey, you will learn how much others benefit, simply from the experience of you, appearing in your most complementing colours.

Also, you will feel on top of the world, knowing your appearance supports your message in a meeting, on a stage or at an event.

Welcome to a truly transformational process - and it's great fun too!

Let's create what works for you - your lifestyle, your brand and your body!

Further Information

  • Colour palette with single consultation, personal report and video to explain how to use your palette
  • Colour palette with additional consultations for closet advice and personal shopping support
  • Personal Branding - extend your knowledge to your branding and marketing materials with my advice and support
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Your options:

Which colours are yours?

Inspired by the work of Suzanne Caygill, who wrote one of the earliest books in the field, "Colour, the Essence of You", my approach to colour analysis is based on a highly individual assessment that takes into account the psychological and energetic factors that make you unique.

Catherine Rowan

"Know what sparks the light in you so that you, can illuminate the world."



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