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The Queen Quest 

From my heart to yours....

The Queen Quest is my term for the Feminine leadership journey. 

When you work with me you receive a new map/structure for Feminine power and a set of tools you can use in an ongoing way to move beyond the fears that hold you back. 

The power of the Queen clarifies your purpose, your direction and your ability to deliver your contribution to the world.

This work does not create drama queens or entitled queens! In a non patriarchal model, a queen knows how to hold power, is ruler of her own life, is connected to spiritual understanding while dealing with day to day concerns in work and relationship. 

In other words, the direction you are heading in is power with grace and integrity plus release from co-dependent patterns.

This presentation is based on work I've been doing since 2007 when I was introduced to a new model of the Feminine as Power!

The Feminine is energy, movement and the power to transform in the Feminine tantric traditions. We work with two movements of energy:

1) During the de conditioning process you will cut through limiting beliefs and transform reactive emotional patterns. 

2) As you become more free from the mental and emotional obstacles that limit your expression, you are guided towards your unique contribution as an emissary of the Divine Feminine and beacon of light and wisdom.

Patriarchal cultures distort and invalidate the Feminine in both men and women. It's time to restore the ancient understanding of the Feminine as the creative power of the Cosmos! 

Is this for you? 

Deep down you know you are a Queen, here to serve others and contribute to society. It’s likely you have ideals and ambitions to make improvements in your chosen field.

You want to play a bigger game but, you have 'dragons to slay' before that is possible.

You may be struggling to find a comfortable leadership style - perhaps as a woman in an organisation that seems to have more masculine values.

Meanwhile, it's likely you're trying to work out how to achieve your relational and family dreams, while not giving up on your personal ambitions.

Imagine finding your place of harmony, feeling comfortable in your own rhythm - embodied and connected.

The Queen Quest helps you to evolve from feeling you are a queen in waiting to one who knows how and when to hold or wield power in ways that are ethical, graceful and in integrity for you.

I will help you to see what’s possible and where opportunity lies. I will use processes to shift creative and mindset blocks.

Once you step in and commit to the coaching container, your dreams become reality (and I might have you dream bigger too!)

This work is available as a private mentoring option.

Activate Your Queen!

Feminine Wisdom E-Course

You will receive this with my compliments when you subsribe to our email list (at the bottom of this page.) Professionally recorded - seven videos including a beautiful meditation to connect directly to the qualities of  Divine Feminine wisdom.

Having been on my own journey of Feminine embodiment for many years, I believe it’s part of my life’s purpose to seek out the deepest teachings and share the paradigm of right relationship between masculine and feminine, which is challenging to the patriarchal mindset yet feels so right to the heart.

In particular, this framework for power and success is very healing for women but, also for men who yearn for a new model where masculine and feminine are honoured equally.

There are seven video lessons plus accompanying PDF notes/worksheets:

  • Introduction to Feminine Wisdom
  • The Feminine Success Formula - Part A and Part B
  • The Feminine Wound - Part A and Part B
  • The Feminine as Power - Part A and Part B