Conscious Closet

This service can be in person or virtual. There is an initial consultation for me to assess your
energetic essence. I will also work with photos of you.

  • Never again feeling you’ve got nothing to wear’.

  • Knowing the colours and styles of your clothes are right for your figure and harmonise with your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.

  • Choosing clothes with the help of a unique colour palette created especially for you.

  • Understanding the psychology of those colours so you know how and when to communicate trust, impact, intimacy, solidity, celebration, sophistication etc.

  • And most importantly, knowing how to accessorise those clothes effectively with ties, scarves, belts, shoes, jewellery and handbags. (I work with both women and men)

What is a Conscious Closet?

“If we can become aware that Nature had provided us with a set of cues, and if we can
become capable of picking them up, it will be found easier to work with them than against
them. If we can appropriate Nature’s color and design, there is no need for the terrific
compulsion to search for self, when everything you need is already within.”

Suzanne Caygill

There are options for additional work if you would like my help to transform your closet. My
personal experience of transforming my own closet, styles and shopping habits is it’s a
journey. The new colour palette is simply the initiation.

The next step is the creation of your colour palette using a specialist Colour Profiling system,
consisting of approximately 3500 different shades. You receive a fabric palette plus a report
explaining your palette and styles.

A Conscious Closet is what works for you - your lifestyle and your body!

Unless you work for a clothing brand, own a clothing shop, are a celebrity or a model, you
have no need to advertise labels or be a slave to fashion. You do not need compliments such
as ‘Love your jacket.’ What you want people to say is ‘You look fabulous in that jacket.’

If you decide to engage fully in this journey, it feels like a homecoming. At last, your clothes
express who you are. Finally, you feel confident knowing your appearance supports your
message in a meeting, on a stage or at an event. You dress, not for others but, to express
who you are and what you’re about.

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Book a Complimentary Call

  • Initial one hour consultation
  • Unique colour analysis
  • Colour palette and detailed individual report
  • Personal clothing picks – two outfits including accessories 
  • Completion consultation to answer your questions and agree ongoing work, if you choose.

Conscious Closet Foundations includes:

Which colours are yours?

Inspired by the work of Suzanne Caygill, who wrote one of the earliest books in the field, "Colour, the Essence of You", this is a highly individual assessment that takes into account the psychological and energetic factors that make you unique.

Catherine Rowan

"Know what sparks the light in you so that you, can illuminate the world."



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